Testimonial 9

After moving into our new house, my wife and I noticed that the AC system didn’t seem to work properly. Some rooms would cool down nicely (mostly upstairs), while other rooms remained in the lower to mid 90s. I called Noble Refrigeration on a Thursday for a checkup appointment. Pat answered the phone and told us that a technician could take a look at the system on Friday. I was surprised and pleased that they were able to offer next-day service. Richard Noble arrived exactly on-time at 9 AM. After a thorough 15 minute inspection of the property and A/C units, he started his work to isolate the problem. He tested all sorts of functions on both of our A/C units, including the capacitors and fan motors. Our lower unit had a bad capacitor that needed to me replaced. He had the required part in his truck and replaced it immediately. Furthermore, he noted a problem with our duct filters and explained how we could easily maintain our duct system. Throughout the two hours that he was at our property, Richard explained thoroughly what he was working on. He also provided helpful tips on how to keep our system running at peak performance. We received a $10 discount on the final bill because we are Angie’s List members. My wife and I remain very pleased with Noble Refrigeration’s service – Christopher Campbell