Testimonial 7

Noble inspected my current AC system installation and provided me a quote on how much it would take to replace my AC with an upgrade, higher efficiency system.

Noble’s office manager set a date that would work with my schedule and informed me of when the crew would show up that morning. The crew arrived on time and began their work, removing the FREON from my system, then the outside unit, as well as the inside unit and furnace.

They installed the new unit after repairing an electrical problem that was caused by a former repair on the electrical system (circuit breaker box.) They had the installation in and the area cleaned up in less than 5 hours, with my new system cooling nicely. My AC system was 14 years old and had “popped” the overpressure switch multiple times last year (2010.) I had the hoped for culprt (the fan motor) replaced last year. This summer, the system blew a fuse, as well as popped the overpressure switch again. I decided to get some estimates for a new system before the AC totally failed. I contacted three Angie’s List contractors, as well as a contractor recommended by my neighbor who had her system replaced the year before.

Each contractor gave me recommendations, some multiple systems to choose from, at varying prices. In the end, I chose Noble due to their recommendation, price, and Angie’s List recommendations. Two of the three other contractors were considered, with the third contractor’s suggestion of a heat pump that I was not comfortable chosing due to his comment that it would not provide immediate warming air in the winter. The system was also fairly expensive and I did not see a good payback in the value over time.

Anyway, I was able to set a date for the system replacement with Noble that worked with my schedule, and they showed up on time and immediately got to work. Of special interest, while disconnecting the fuse box from the current AC system, with the circuit breaker off, the electrician found one of the loosened wires sparked dramatically when handled. Upon investigation, he discovered that the company that had replaced and relocated my circuit breaker box had miswired the 220 volt system, tying the air conditioner and the electric dryer to the same wires (although separate breakers) causing the power to the AC to be on to half the system until both breakers were turned off. (Unfortunately, the company that had done the circuit board work was an Angie’s List recommendation, but one that we were well satisifed with their work and had used on other work.) But the wiring problem was resolved and corrected with only a nominal cost for the time spent (a very good value in itself!)

The rest of the job went smoothly and the crew was gone and my home cooling nicely with the new system before noon. The guys on the crew were fun to talk with and were very informative. They did a good job, making the installation look neat, and cleaned up well afterward. – Thomas Curry