Testimonial 5

A/C conked out on a Wednesday while I was not at home. The thingy that starts the motor was kaput. John Noble diagnosed the problem quickly, had a replacement part with him, made the change in a flash and left absolutely no mess behind him. I made a desperate call early on a Thursday morning a few weeks ago. The woman answering the phone said they would have someone here between 9 & 11 AM. John Noble arrived at 10 AM, so by now I am already happy. Imagine, a company that arrives when they said they would. John was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable & competent. One quick look in the very hot attic and he knew why I had no A/C. He checked for the part needed on his truck, and did indeed have one, so by now I am VERY happy. He made the repair in no time at all and then it was time to settle up. After giving me the Angie’s List or the Seniors discount (I cannot recall which) he handed me the bill. I was no longer just happy…..I WAS ECSTATIC! I have had more than a few repairmen in my home over the years and this honest fellow did NOT take me to the cleaners!!! My word, able, honorable workmanship is alive and well in Maricopa County and it resides at Noble Refrigeration. THANK YOU JOHN NOBLE. – Marilynn Cencioso