Testimonial 9

After moving into our new house, my wife and I noticed that the AC system didn’t seem to work properly. Some rooms would cool down nicely (mostly upstairs), while other rooms remained in the lower to mid 90s. I called Noble Refrigeration on a Thursday for a checkup appointment. Pat answered the phone and told us that a technician could take a look at the system on Friday. I was surprised and pleased that they were able to offer next-day service. Richard Noble arrived exactly on-time at 9 AM. After a thorough 15 minute inspection of the property and A/C units, he started his work to isolate the problem. He tested all sorts of functions on both of our A/C units, including the capacitors and fan motors. Our lower unit had a bad capacitor that needed to me replaced. He had the required part in his truck and replaced it immediately. Furthermore, he noted a problem with our duct filters and explained how we could easily maintain our duct system. Throughout the two hours that he was at our property, Richard explained thoroughly what he was working on. He also provided helpful tips on how to keep our system running at peak performance. We received a $10 discount on the final bill because we are Angie’s List members. My wife and I remain very pleased with Noble Refrigeration’s service – Christopher Campbell

Testimonial 8

Noble Refrigeration replaced an air conditioner unit that had been damaged by hail. This involved finding a replacement (the original condenser coil was no longer manufactured), removing the old unit and installing the new unit, on the ground, not the roof. Though we had a few problems initially with phone numbers and prompt cost estimates, that was taken care of. Part of that problem was difficulty with suppliers returning calls requesting availability of the condenser coil. This is a family business, and everyone I dealt with was polite and attentive to the issues involved with the a/c, including invoicing and requirements of the insurance company. Richard, who handled the replacement of my unit with a new dry-charge unit, was very knowledgeable and patient in explaining every aspect of different kinds of a/c units and their problems or advantages. He was also experienced in dealing with insurance claims, and completely honest in the way he does business, which says a lot for their family’s integrity. The installation was accomplished early in the morning so we weren’t without a/c during the hottest part of the day; everything was done quickly and competently. The unit has operated perfectly, and is backed with the company’s two-year warranty. I was very impressed by how smoothly this replacement was done, without my family suffering from the heat and with very little fuss. – Ruth Yip

Testimonial 7

Noble inspected my current AC system installation and provided me a quote on how much it would take to replace my AC with an upgrade, higher efficiency system.

Noble’s office manager set a date that would work with my schedule and informed me of when the crew would show up that morning. The crew arrived on time and began their work, removing the FREON from my system, then the outside unit, as well as the inside unit and furnace.

They installed the new unit after repairing an electrical problem that was caused by a former repair on the electrical system (circuit breaker box.) They had the installation in and the area cleaned up in less than 5 hours, with my new system cooling nicely. My AC system was 14 years old and had “popped” the overpressure switch multiple times last year (2010.) I had the hoped for culprt (the fan motor) replaced last year. This summer, the system blew a fuse, as well as popped the overpressure switch again. I decided to get some estimates for a new system before the AC totally failed. I contacted three Angie’s List contractors, as well as a contractor recommended by my neighbor who had her system replaced the year before.

Each contractor gave me recommendations, some multiple systems to choose from, at varying prices. In the end, I chose Noble due to their recommendation, price, and Angie’s List recommendations. Two of the three other contractors were considered, with the third contractor’s suggestion of a heat pump that I was not comfortable chosing due to his comment that it would not provide immediate warming air in the winter. The system was also fairly expensive and I did not see a good payback in the value over time.

Anyway, I was able to set a date for the system replacement with Noble that worked with my schedule, and they showed up on time and immediately got to work. Of special interest, while disconnecting the fuse box from the current AC system, with the circuit breaker off, the electrician found one of the loosened wires sparked dramatically when handled. Upon investigation, he discovered that the company that had replaced and relocated my circuit breaker box had miswired the 220 volt system, tying the air conditioner and the electric dryer to the same wires (although separate breakers) causing the power to the AC to be on to half the system until both breakers were turned off. (Unfortunately, the company that had done the circuit board work was an Angie’s List recommendation, but one that we were well satisifed with their work and had used on other work.) But the wiring problem was resolved and corrected with only a nominal cost for the time spent (a very good value in itself!)

The rest of the job went smoothly and the crew was gone and my home cooling nicely with the new system before noon. The guys on the crew were fun to talk with and were very informative. They did a good job, making the installation look neat, and cleaned up well afterward. – Thomas Curry

Testimonial 6

We were looking to increase the performance and efficiency of our HVAC system given that we had such an old unit. Our house is quite old (1928) and was having the roof replaced simultaneously. Noble worked with the roofers to time the installation and fabricated duct systems tie ins to go with our new Goodman high-efficiency unit. John Noble Jr described all the work required ahead of time and provided realistic estimates of how much cooling we would need for the new unit. Their all-in price was half of the next cheapest company with a good rating (and was fully a third of the highest priced estimate). They carried out the work as scheduled and the installation exceeded our expectations. Our house was more comfortable than ever for the remaining summer months with our lowest cooling costs to date. We’re looking forward to staying cool this summer and saving even more money. I would hire Noble again in a second. They are a great example of what every family business should be: honest, affordable, friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, and timely. They know their stuff and do great work. A+++ – Tom Coffeen

Testimonial 5

A/C conked out on a Wednesday while I was not at home. The thingy that starts the motor was kaput. John Noble diagnosed the problem quickly, had a replacement part with him, made the change in a flash and left absolutely no mess behind him. I made a desperate call early on a Thursday morning a few weeks ago. The woman answering the phone said they would have someone here between 9 & 11 AM. John Noble arrived at 10 AM, so by now I am already happy. Imagine, a company that arrives when they said they would. John was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable & competent. One quick look in the very hot attic and he knew why I had no A/C. He checked for the part needed on his truck, and did indeed have one, so by now I am VERY happy. He made the repair in no time at all and then it was time to settle up. After giving me the Angie’s List or the Seniors discount (I cannot recall which) he handed me the bill. I was no longer just happy…..I WAS ECSTATIC! I have had more than a few repairmen in my home over the years and this honest fellow did NOT take me to the cleaners!!! My word, able, honorable workmanship is alive and well in Maricopa County and it resides at Noble Refrigeration. THANK YOU JOHN NOBLE. – Marilynn Cencioso

Testimonial 4

Replace fan on our heat pump. Two other companies told us to replace our unit and they said it will be fine with a new fan. After replacing the fan the unit ran better than before and no upselling with duct cleaning or other services. We will call them the next time we need service They came and checked the unit. We were prepared for the worst news, that we would need a new unit. They said no a new fan would be all. They went back to the shop and got a fan and installed it in a matter of minutes. They wrote out the bill and gave us a Angie’s list discount. We were very happy and the unit works terrific! – Diana Wolf

Testimonial 3

We had 2, a 4 ton and a 2 ton American Standard heat pump systems installed on our house. They installed new stands, vibration pads, 60 amp and 30 amp disconnects, and programmable thermostats From the day they came out with an estimate to the finish of the job we were very impressed. They showed up on time and had the units installed and everything hauled off in 4 hours. The father and his two sons were very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. This was by far the best experience we have had in a long time with a contractor – Sandra Aycock

Testimonal 2

I cannot stress enough how fantastic this company is. It is owned and operated by the Noble family. A son, John Noble, was the person with whom we worked the most. When we asked for quotes, he was here exactly when he said he’d be. He spent a lot of time on the roof/in the attic, and then explained where the problems were, what needed doing, and he never tried to upsell at all. In fact he said ”as you can tell, I’m not a salesman,” which was definitely true! They see new customers, give quotes, and do all the work themselves. John gave me the written quote the day he came. We asked him to come again to talk to my husband and once again he was on time and very professional. They told us exactly when the work would begin, what would happen when, and once again the crew showed up exactly on time, worked efficiently, cleaned up after themselves, and when they presented the bill, it was the exact same $$ as was quoted. You will never go wrong with this honest, outstanding company. – Jane Doyle

Testimonial 1

An investment home developed a problem with the A/C unit that required immediate attention. Noble had a man there the next day who fixed the unit on the first visit. Based upon this experience and conversations with the owner and his wife, I entered into a yearly maintenance contract for my home and two investment properties. Reasonably priced and genuine, down-to-earth people at this family owned and operated business make it easy for me to recommend their services – David Lewark